3 Quick Tips for Creating Your Own Role Playing Game

Three Easy Ways To Create Your Own Role-Playing Game

The first thing you need is your own imagination. Role-playing is something fun to do. It allows you to become something you may not normally do. It is a fantasy. There are 4 steps in creating your own fantasy, making it fun for others to enjoy.

1) The first thing is to figure out the concept you want to use. Do you want your role-playing to come alive on pen and paper? Do you want something that is more live-action? Do you want some done on the computer or other hand-held devices?

You need to make up stats for your characters you create. They need to be believable and relatable to your characters. This is one of the harder parts of the process. It is also time-consuming, but it needs to be done.

2) You need to account for each character’s condition. This includes things like the strengths, weaknesses, etc. You need to create remedies for when your characters get hurt or damaged. Each damage needs to have a remedy available.

3) The third part of the process is to flesh everything out. You need to come up with a storyline or storylines for each character. You will have characters who are both good and bad. Your job is to flesh out why each character became the way they are. Think of this part as almost creating a movie plot.

Each storyline needs to have both a plot and subplot. Every character will be directly and indirectly connected. Your job is to figure out how each character develops. You also need ideas on the point of your game. What is the reason for each character? How do they relate to the summary or point of your role-playing game?

4) Every character in your role-playing game needs honesty. This includes the villain. Your audience is going to lose interest once your characters cease to be honest and believable.

“You make stuff up; it has to be believable. It is called suspension of disbelief”.
Catherine Tramell, Basic Instinct

Every role-playing game has an element of non-fiction about it. Every fantasy has an element of realness to it. Your goal is to create this non-fiction to make it plausible enough for people to buy.