Why I Now Vape When Gaming

The Startling Benefits of Combining Vaping and Gaming Into One.

Gaming is a serious thing for many people, so serious that many gamers have a hard time stopping for breaks. You get into a groove and do not want to be disturbed. Disturbances come in many forms and smoking is one. Which is why there is something called vaping. Why not combine the two and alleviate any possible disturbances?

Here are 4 reasons why combining the two is so beneficial to many of its community members.

1) Smokers have to go outside to take their breaks. Smoking outside impairs a gamer’s fingers in the winter time. Players who combine the two reduce their need for an outside break and avoid having their concentration broken.

Gamers go through a lot of intense moments while playing. They can vape inside and not worry about missing something. Their need to satisfy their gravings will not impact the other players around them. They reduce their chances of getting edgy by vaping during their peak playing times.

2) Every second counts with people who smoke. Smokers plan their entire day around their smoking. They need both their hands to handle their controller when engaging in the game. Smokers need at least one hand free to smoke when they light up. Smokers need to smoke the cigarette all the way through. Smoking requires a full concentration. Those who vape do not require the same concentration.

3) Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Duty draw some hardcore gamers into their community. Some games are not so hardcore. They like to play games on the go. Combining the two is a great choice for these players. Vaping is portable. They can take their vaping accessories and mobile devices with them where ever they go.

There are manufacturers who are looking to add touch-screen and mini-games to their models. Manufacturers know how popular vaping and gaming is. They are looking to cash in on what their players need. Players can enjoy a quick game of Flappy Bird on the side of their vaporizer while taking a break from work.

4) There is a serious fandom within the community at large. The fandom has extended to include those individuals who vape while they play. Conventions are held around the country. Players get to know others who are like them and feel less alone.
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