Why We Need More Female Game Developers

The male gender has heavily dominated the gaming industry. Many people tend to believe that only men can make the best games. At the same time, they believe that only males can play the games. We look at the reason why there is a little number of women in the gaming industry and why we need more women in the sector.

In the recent decade, there has been a sharp growth in the gaming sector. Despite this improvement, the number of women in the sector still does not add up. In an international survey carried out in 2015, it showed that the percentage of professional women in the sector is 22%, compared to 75% for professional men. This is a steady improvement in the industry compared to 2014 when only 11.5% of the workers were women. Despite this small improvement, when it comes to dividing job descriptions, women make only a 5%.

The main reason that sees women not venturing into this kind of business is the fact that women are always harassed online. However, the extreme lacking of female programmers can be linked to the fact that in general, it’s hard to convince women to join computer science and engineering courses. We found out that there many of adding women in the video games industry.

According to the Guardian, one reason we need more women to participate in this gaming sector is that they will help double the budget. It does not take time to either design or write female characters. When considering budgetary decisions, it would be cheaper to hire more female’s actors compared to men actors. This makes sure that the economic output is low. We also find that character interaction does not change with the introduction of women in the gaming sector. In fact, it improves the interactions since people want to try out a different character.

Introduction of women in the gaming sector will lead to positive discrimination. This is a situation whereby people can always have an option to consider. This will also lead to appreciating the work of women in the industry and also give people a chance to notice their improvements.

With a better percentage of women in the industry, online harassment will die down. This will be evident to even the games produced with female characters. Female developers will make sure that the characters are dressed properly to avoid any kind of harassment.